Monowi Nebraska

In an advertising class, we were challenged to pick a city, state, or town and find something that not everyone knows about it and use that something to create a campaign that would peak people's interest leading them to want to visit. After doing a lot of research, I came across Monowi Nebraska. A town with a population of one person.


Monowi's unique population count makes it the perfect weekend getaway destination for people who are exhausted and overwhelmed with their big city lifestyles. 


Website home page mockup

The "Compare Cities" aspect of Monowi's website will serve as a way for visitors to compare a live feed of one of the many large, hectic cities littered with people and traffic with a peaceful and relaxing view of the rolling fields accompanied with sounds of nature and wildlife found in Monowi. 

Population counter.jpg

The "Population Counter" section of the website will be a page where visitors can see a live counter of the current growing populations of some of the country's most populated countries contrasted with Monowi's population of 1. 

Monowi Booth (1).jpg

The Get Back To Yourself Booth, is a guerrilla tactic in which a soundproof booth with a large screen is placed in the middle of very busy cities. A person can go into the booth, and once their email is entered, the screen will depict a live feed from one of Monowi's many rolling fields accompanied with the sounds of grass swaying in the wind and the songs of local birds. This will give patrons a five minute meditation break, leading them to realize that an escape to somewhere like Monowi is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Monowi book.jpg

A branded notebook will be gifted to all visitors for their thoughts and reflections throughout their time at Monowi.